Friday, March 25, 2011

A Tongue in Cheek Look at Sites Like Orthogate

Orthogate is a site where people post "advice" for medical students applying for orthopedic residencies (among other things). In general the posts are mostly self-serving opportunities to tell everyone how great you are, and the advice is usually generic and/or meaningless. This was a lighthearted, wholly made up post that I put together on a page for people to discuss how "the Match" went for them. I've copied this mostly for posterity as it isn't as funny without the context.

"I'm not going to put any of my grades here, because needless to say they are awesome, as is everything else about me. Here are my thoughts on programs broken down into needlessly confusing tiers. By the way, I second what the last guy said about big name programs being overrated, I just liked them the best.
Tier AAA:
HSS: Awesome. Fellows. Awesome. Program director is competent in orthopedics.
Mayo: Awesome. Middle of nowhere. Awesome. Chairman had firm handshake. Mentorship.
HJD: Also in New York. Awesome. Expensive. Nice brunch.
Harvard: Fellows I met told me that they added to the experience. Boston. Awesome.
Iowa/Utah/UCSD/Carolinas: Awesome place that isn't in a huge city. Less awesome when more people find out about it. Great for hipsters.
Pitt : You want second opinion? You ask Freddy Foo twice.  
Tier A1AA:
Campbell Clinic : Not affiliated with the soup manufacturers. Beautiful new orthopedic hospital: The Bruce Pearl Center for Orthopedics.
Duke : Had one or more trauma attendings if I remember correctly. Anti-Arizona bias noted.
Colorado : Create your own unsubstantiated rumors here (especially if you are an MS1 and you heard this from your friend who is an Ob/Gyn).
Washington : Harborview ER. Rainy. Historically, many residents find fellowships.
Grand Rapids : Rotate through trauma and sports during residency.
Tier 1AA (Residency Championship Subdivision)
UCSF : Residents smiled frequently on interview day.
Yale : Cumbersome application requirements. Maine is beautiful in summer.
Beaumont : Family and dog friendly, but not both.
WashU : Best free weights of any program south of Wisconsin.
Miami/LSU : Receptive to sexual favors.
Dartmouth/Hopkins/Columbia/Brown : Patients will have no idea that your training was no better than at Henry Ford.
U of South Alabama : Guaranteed to catch a whiff of James Andrews cologne at least once during residency.
Minnesota : In alternate years prefer either non-rotators or rotators, please consult website to determine value of doing rotation.
Med Coll of Wisc : Those lacking ovaries need not apply.
Wisconsin: Those with ovaries need not apply.
USC : Those lacking ethnic diversity need not apply.
Detroit Medical Center : Will interview anyone.

I'm losing focus here as I only did a 4 hour workout today. Maybe I'll add to this after hanging with the brahs. Oh and I matched at a SUPER PRESTIGIOUS SECRET PLACE that is not EVEN ON THIS LIST. Hope this is helpful!!!"

The original  thread is found here.

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